X Banner Stand: Inexpensive and Effective

X banner stands are used in displaying large format banners within a retail store or trade show. The stands have an adjusting design that you can manipulate in order to display various sized banner graphics. The user should push the button in order to unlock the legs and then pull into the required position. When in place the button is going to relock in order to hold the stand into the right position. X Banner stands are also referred as banner display holders. They use their X like design to pull banner taut this creates tension and displays the graphics beautifully. These types of stands have curved poles on top and tripod base in order to boost their stability.

X Banner Stand
The banner stands have hooks that help to attach banners securely using grommets. The benefit of these type of banners is that they fold easily and are manageable this makes them easy to carry when you are traveling. Most of them are sold with a bag to protect them between various events. X banner stands like portable stands are affordable tools that you can use in creating an amazing banner presentation. The stands got their name because when they are set up the stand looks like a letter X. There are various variations of X banner style of stand and they have the same design elements. They are equipped with one or two hubs that support the arms which are attached on the corners of the banners. The arms are flexible and create tension that helps to hold the banner.
They are effective to promote products
Besides electronic media and newspapers today, most businesses are using X banner stands so that they can promote their products. The benefit of these banners preparing them is easy and they do not require a lot of maintenance cost. There are so many businesses and agencies that are advertising their services using an X banner stand. Using the banners is the most effective way of advertising because it helps to reflect ideas of your product this makes the business to develop. Due to the growth of various aspects of advertising every company wants to get a good deal when it comes to the world of advertising.
They do not consume a lot of time and are attractive
Besides them being effective, X banner stands have been created with attractive graphics that do not consume a lot of time and attract attention. The main aim of using X Banner stand is making unforgettable impact on the audience. When the banners have been set up, they help in making your products branded because of reflection of mind created by designers.
Before choosing an X banner stand estimate how often you require one. Are you planning to go for a trade show once or twice a year? You also have to be careful where you will purchase the stand from. Before ordering the stands it is imperative that you do a lot of research so that you get a good deal. The banners are not expensive they are sold at affordable prices and they are going fulfill all your advertising needs.

Advantages To Using A Retractable Banner Stand

A retractable banner stand is a highly effective marketing tool that can be used to draw attention, improve the overall look of a trade show display, as well as add to the quality of any presentation and marketing campaign. Retractable banners have a multitude of advantages that make them a favorite for small and large businesses, charity and non-profit fundraisers, rallies, campaigns, marketers, promoters, public speakers, and just about everyone and everything else.

retractable banner standThese stands are one of the most popular forms of marketing and advertising displays for exhibits, presentations, trade shows, campaigns, rallies, and promotions. Banners can be changed quickly in-between different presentations or times, making them a great solution for more complex requirements, as well as those who are either working alone or are short on staff. Apart from being highly effective as a marketing tool, these stands can be set-up and taken down easily in a matter of seconds, and are then packed into a traveling case that is designed to be portable and easy to carry. Additionally, several stands and banners can easily fit into a small space, such as the boot or back seat of a car.

Their durability also makes them a favorite for outdoor events, as some are weather-resistant and, once placed in the traveling case, are protected from dust and moisture.

Another major consideration is that they are affordable as a whole. Additionally, the banner can be removed completely and replaced as necessary, while the stand can be used many times over.

Stands also come in a variety of different sizes and strengths, and can be either one or two-sided to meet a wide range of display and budget requirements. It is recommended that you consider how long the banner will be in use, and whether you’ll be using it indoors or outdoors, in order to choose the best option.

Equipment Every Wholesaler Needs: Trade Show Banner Stands

Trade show banner stands are necessary equipment for every wholesaler. They offer a good way of marketing products and services at promotional events. Most of the events involve travel this is the reason why trade show banner stands are easy to set up and portable. Every banner stand is transportable and offers a large area for the wholesaler to display images and graphics. Besides that the banners are important for various functions and applications.

Benefits of trade show banner stands to wholesalers

The benefit of banner stands is that they can be kept anywhere the wholesaler likes and they do not occupy a lot of floor space. They can be placed at entrance of exhibit booth in order to entice visitors. They are also good for sport venues, retail environments and concert halls. Wholesalers should consider using a portable display exhibition stand to promote their brand awareness and making a good impression to customers. Banner stands like retractable banners are good for various applications besides trade shows. They are also good products for sports events, restaurants and lobbies. Wholesalers should use a banner stand in promoting new products and special events.


Whatever the wholesaler is going to use a trade show banner is going to help in taking advertising in the next level. Most of the banner stands come with printed graphics. The graphics are printed using high quality print process as well as materials. So the wholesaler is going to get bright colors and sharp images. Because the banner stands are printed from your artwork you will be free to create what your business requires. The benefit of banner stands is that they come with travel bags this makes it easier for wholesalers who want to promote their products in another country.

There has been instances where a good product could not sustain in the market because promotion methods were not effective. The medium which the wholesaler is going to select for advertising products and services is vital if he wants to achieve positive results. Banners can be used indoors and outdoors. Wholesalers do not require professional coaching to know how they can set up banners. If the banner stand is going to be used outdoor it is prudent for the wholesaler to select the one that has more weight bottom so that it can withstand breezes and other vital features that have been designed to use outdoor.

Where to purchase

Wholesalers can purchase trade show banner stands from the nearest dealer. Online shopping for banner stands is effective because of various reasons. The benefit of online shopping is that it offers more selection for banner shopping. Wholesalers will find banners of various sizes, materials and of different prices. You can shop according to your price and category. With just a few clicks wholesalers will filter options to match their budget, style and theme. They can also make purchase with a few mouse clicks. Purchasing trade show banner stands online is a good option because you will save on traveling expense.

A Telescopic Banner Stand Can Make Your Company Stand Out

A telescopic banner stand is a trade show banner display that uses adjustable poles in order to create various graphic heights. Telescopic banner stands are equipped with adjustable stands that the user can be able to raise or lower in different heights and widths. This is vital especially for people who exhibit at events that do not have enough floor space. There are some trade show floors that are compact and crowded. They do not have space for setting up large banners that will attract attention. If you use telescopic banner stands they will help to solve this matter because they occupy a small space and still gives you a chance to set up a good quality advertising banner. Here are some of the reasons why when you use a telescopic banner stand your company is going to stand out.

It is a space saver

The use of telescopic banner stand is a good way of advertising your company at a busy trade show especially with bright and appealing banners. Type of banner stands are not the same they vary depending on size and shape. There are some which are suited for a busy trade show floors. Using a telescopic banner stand is a definite space saver. They also give a one sided or two sided fabric banner with the company graphics printed on it. If you choose a two sided banner the better especially if you are going to display in a booth that has limited space. The benefit of this type of banner is that it will have twice the visibility and will allow more visitors to see your logo from various directions.

Helps to simply set up process

The use of telescopic banner stands helps in simplifying the whole set up process. The stands are composed of a telescopic vertical bar that helps in locking the screws after raising it to the required height. There are others banners that are sewn using tubes on edges so that you can be able to slide through. There are other telescopic banner stands that require the use of hooks in order to attach the banner. Assembling the banner stands do not require any tools and takes a short time. This gives you a good chance to concentrate on other areas of the exhibit set up that need attention.

Most trade show exhibitors recommend people to use telescopic banner stands because of their compact size, durability and setting up process. Some of the stands come with sets of different lengths. This gives you a good chance to mount vertical banners of various widths. The best telescopic banner stands are made from quality materials like titanium and aluminum. The benefit of these materials is that they resist scratching and bending. When you purchase the trade show banner stand you are going to get a good bag for storing and transporting the banner.

There are some banner stands which have adjustable height options and others can be changed to different widths. If you adjust the width of the banner frame it will allow the stand to fit in various dimensions. If a telescopic banner is maintained well it will last for so many years before you replace it. As your marketing strategies develop you can purchase new banners with new designs that will reflect the changes.

How Durable Is An Outdoor Banner Stand?

Today, outdoor banner stands are everywhere. They are seen hanging out of walls of a shop or they are supported by stands. The use of outdoor banner stands is a good way of communicating with visitors who pass by. Most businesses depend on outdoor banner stands for their business. The benefits of using these banners are: they are not costly, portable and easy to get. In the market they can be found in various sizes. These types of banners are used by both small and large businesses. The use of outdoor banner stands is considered as one of the most effective display for advertising for most businesses. Apart from business purposes they are also used for non commercial and communication purposes. How durable the stands are depends on the following factors.

Material used in making the stands

There are so many people who think that outdoor banner stands have been made from vinyl sheets. This is not correct, while you can get wholesale banners made with scrim vinyl (most common) because the stands are made from different materials. You can select from a mesh material or fabric material. Characteristics of outdoor banner stands are not the same they vary with type of material that is being used. Every type of material has its own benefits. For outdoor banner stand to last long you have no option but to select the right material that is going to fulfill all your needs.

Types of stands

You’ll see many banner stand manufacturer call the same stands by different names. Some outdoor banner stands are actually advertising flags , produced with fabric material. While others are actually outdoor banner stands using some type of outdoor printed banner that is enhanced with extra fibers for heavy duty strength.

Quality of the stand

To know whether outdoor banner stands are durable or not it is a must that you select the right quality. Quality of outdoor banner stand depends on finish and material. It is imperative that you concentrate on quality before choosing outdoor banner stands. This is because your stand is going to stay outdoors under harsh temperatures of the sun, rain, dust and other external forces. If you are going to use a low quality banner stand then it is going to be damaged easily and this will affect image of your business. It is not good to lower the name of your business by selecting a poor quality banner. It is good that you choose good quality outdoor banner stands that will be able to withstand harsh conditions and make your business to appear professional.

Select the right category


Outdoor banner stands are durable only if they are used in the right way. These stands are used by businesses and companies for various purposes. To maximize their effectiveness it is vital that you choose the right template for your banner. Outdoor banner stands are available in the market for different categories that have different templates. For instance if you require an outdoor stand for your sports shop you have to select the template that has been designed for sports activities. This is vital because it is going to help your message to reach to customers effectively by making the message themed. In the market there are various templates and themes that you can select. Therefore it is vital that you select the most suitable one for all your business activities.

Best Ways To Display Trade Show Banners

trade show displaysTrade shows are a good opportunity for businesses to show their products. You will be able to display your products and promote services to various people. This is the reason why trade shows are famous today. Today, business entrepreneurs are encouraged to take part in them. But these activities are jam packed. There is a lot of competition that takes place when it comes to trade shows. Therefore you have to plan your display well and consider other important factors. The main aim of the trade show is making the audience to remember your business well.

Add a lot of elements

After paying entrance fee for trade show, paying deposit for hotel rooms and made travel arrangements, expenses of trade show will start to add up. In order to get a good return for the investment it is a must that you create an attractive trade show banner that will attract attention and help you to generate leads to the business. When designing your trade show banner it is essential that you include so many elements to make your business different from others.


Adding graphics to the trade show banners makes them unique. If you are advertising a certain product at the trade show use large banners that have pictures of the product. If your logo is going to be printed on the large banner the better. Graphics and good quality images help to attract attention. They will make visitors to ask so many questions. When they want more information concerning your business or product that you are advertising they will come to you to find information. If you want to help such type of customers create a small table top display that provides various information that are important to the client.

Use attractive lights

Adding attractive lights around the trade show banner helps to attract attention. It is vital to use soft white lighting in order to illuminate places where vital information is. You can use LED lights that flash and give illusion of motion in order to attract attention to the trade show banner.

But before you start to display your trade show banner there are a few indispensable factors that you have to keep in mind. The first is that it is a must that you work on the right budget for the type of trade show banner that will fit your business correctly. There are different types of trade banners that you can work with depending on the products which you are going to be promoting. The second is that you have to think about objectives of your business. For instance if you are advertising a mobile phone and you will be joining a trade show that deals with mobile phones you need the right trade show banner. If the venue is dark or not in an open place you have no option but to purchase good quality lights. Failure to do this there is nobody who is going to be attracted to your trade show banners.